What does a good CV look like?

Your CV is the first tool you use to get you an interview and its importance cannot be underestimated. It will be what the employer uses to form a ‘first impression’ of you that will or will not take you to the next stage of getting an interview.


  • Be honest
  • Don’t go back any longer than 10 years with your employment history
  • If you haven’t worked for longer than 10 years, state what you have been doing, and what skills you may have picked up in that time
  • Mention any volunteering work you have done, many skills are used in volunteering e.g. communication, organising
  • State any qualifications you have
  • If you email your cv send it from an email address that sounds professional for instance jbloggs@anymail.com, not something like hotdoggy@anymail.com.
  • State any skills you have
  • State where your strengths are
  • Your CV/Resume should be no longer than 3 pages in total
  • Ensure you have a contact telephone number and an address on your CV
  • Use short sentences and small paragraphs – 2-3 lines
  • Use dot points to ensure the document makes easy reading
  • Ensure it is logical in its format. There are many websites available to provide you with formats (including OlderWorkers) and detailed information on how to write the best CV.  Use the format that best suits your CV.

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