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www.olderworkers.com.au is Australia’s leading job board where jobseekers over the age of 45 connect to age-friendly employers.


We are Australia’s  largest and fastest growing Australia- wide job board for jobseekers over the age of 45.  We  advertise jobs that employers specifically seeking workers over the age of 45 lodge on our site.  Older workers can apply confident in the knowledge their age will not be a disadvantage to jobs advertised on Olderworkers.

We are a fully owned and operated private Australian company.


Employers – We are committed to working with employers to assist them to find the best person for the job and to promote the many benefits of older workers and the advantages to their business of a diverse workforce.  The benefits of mature age workers are well documented and already many employers are aware of the value of recruiting mature age workers and retaining the experienced and reliable older staff they have.

olderworkers.com.au assists employers seeking reliable, experienced and skilled  with the largest database of mature age workers in Australia.


We have listed vacancies with OlderWorkers for key recruitment campaigns over the last few years, and have been overwhelmed with the responses received. The professional team at OlderWorkers are extremely efficient and knowledgeable, and continue to deliver bigger and better results every year. We look forward to continuing our relationship in recruiting mature age job seekers. – http://www.humanis.com.au


Jobseekers – We have the largest database of jobseekers of any mature age job board in Australia, and the fastest growing, which is why more employers choose to use us when they are looking to employ  older workers.  Our service is free for jobseekers to register and apply for jobs.

Hi to all at Older Workers….just wanted to let you know that thanks to you guys, I have a job at Masters Home Improvements as a Trade Specialist. I answered an ad on your site for a Dept Manager, and instead I was offered a position relating exactly to my trade of carpentry and I’m really excited about it.   Thank you
Yours sincerely
Garry Wills


We are committed to working closely with our partners, employers and jobseekers and continue to be Australia’s leading job board for workers over the age of 45.