Why Is It So Hard?

I recently read a stat that showed the average duration of unemployment for an Older
Worker is 75 weeks. Yep, you read that right 75 weeks and 37 percent of unemployed older
workers are long term unemployed ( i.e: 52 weeks or more). Across all other age groups the
average decreases to 48 weeks.

Smart Employers know the benefits of Older Workers include:
● Great work ethic
● Fewer sick days
● Strong communication skills
● Problem solvers
● Mentors
● Great organisational skills

There are plenty more, but instead of promoting these benefits to employers it feels like
Older Workers are always defending themselves, that our age is defeating us before we ever
get the chance to show an employer what we can add to their business.

In fact age very rarely predicts a person’s ability to be successful in the workplace so why do
many employers and recruiters make hiring decisions, based on a skewed bias relating to
age, do exactly that?

Why is it so hard to change the way so many decision makers think about employing older

Why is it so hard to get the Australian Government to think outside the square and lead by

Why is it so hard for us as a nation to lead the way on all things Older Workers?