Job Interviews

What are some of the best ways for older job seekers to counter ageist attitudes by employers and HR companies?


  • Ensure you continue to  update your skills – there are many government funded programs around to assist you to do this
  • Have an up to date and professional   CV, don’t include your birth date – it is no longer necessary 
  • Don’t go back any later than 10 years on your CV – not necessary
  • Do your homework on the company and the job before an interview – sound informed, do some background work on the industry if possible
  • Physical appearance does matter.  Make sure you look your best and  present well at interview, tidy, well groomed, well spoken – make a good impression, dress in current styles
  • Show enthusiasm and energy
  • Sell yourself and your skills, including your work ethic, stability,  and reliability
  • Let the employer know that you are quick to learn and give examples if possible of where you have picked up new skills and information quickly
  • Use positive language like energetic, keen, quick, flexible in the interview and the application
  • Don’t talk negatively about previous employers
  • Don’t mention any health problems unless they are serious or could affect your work performance.  
  • Don’t talk about your grandchildren or your plans to go grey nomading in the future at interview, talk about how you are keen to find employment and what you have to offer the employer
  • If you don’t get the job, ring and ask for some feedback – in a positive way


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