The main components of such a kit include a cashier screen and a system unit with a pre-installed operating system. Uses both Windows and Linux. The system also includes special programs for inventory and cash accounting.

In addition, the Smart POS system includes other equipment, including:

fiscal registrar. He is solely responsible for transmitting information to the OFD and printing checks.

keyboard. Almost all systems are equipped with a special keyboard that is individually programmed. The user can choose commands for certain keys.

If your set contains only the listed devices (screen, system unit, fiscal recorder, and keyboard panel), then you have a budget option for a POS Software. It is suitable for a small retail establishment, such as a boutique or food pavilion. You can purchase the following items if necessary:

checkout scales;

money box;

Barcode Scanner;

display for the buyer;

card reader.

Selecting a model for a small store
Here are examples of suitable models for small stores: Counter-trade, in general, Retail POS Software, is very convenient since it does not require high-speed receipt printing, which means that a powerful technical component is not the main criterion for selection.

We assemble the kit ourselves
This option is often attractive due to its low price, since the business owner himself decides what to choose for his store or boutique. Note that self-assembly is only permissible for small businesses where a lot of equipment power is not required to create uninterrupted receipt printing. If the customer traffic is small, then you can pay attention to self-assemblies.

For businesses such as Salon Software , boutiques, or jewelry stores, Restaurant POS Software you can assemble a small complex yourself. A personal computer or laptop with an installed cash register program, and a simple keyboard are all that are needed for installation.

If you have a very small flow of clients, there is another alternative option. you can generate a payment link online by embedding it into a QR code and giving it to the buyer. Using it, he will go to a secure payment page and be able to immediately make a payment.

Remember that, despite saving your finances, this option is inconvenient because you need to select software and equipment yourself. Moreover, it needs to be configured and integrated. If you are not a specialist in this field, then you will have to spend money on calling an adjuster who will start the system.'s resumes

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