A little about the essay

An essay is a personal interpretation of a specific topic. It should be written in prose, in a formal and respectful tone . Brief and understandable.

The word “essay” comes from the Latin ” exagium ” and means “Statement of the case.” And, unlike a scientific essay, it doesn’t always require your opinion to be backed up by quotes or sources. Although it enriches him.


The essay serves as an introduction to a deeper topic based on her critical assessment . Its main goal is to convince the reader – or at least offer him – the ideas that the author has on a particular topic.

An essay should always be written for a reader who does not know (but understand) deeply the subject on which it is based.

Now … let’s get to work!

1. Analyze the question on which the essay should be written.

Essay questions are questions that create a problem or situation. Choosing the right questions will help you to perfectly open your topic. Now we will analyze how to select questions, and we hope that after parsing you will not have a question how to write my essay for me ?

Its character can be, among others, literary, scientific, academic, social, political or artistic. They usually have three main parts (although some of them may not contain a question mark):

One question: what, how, where, what, why …
Request: explain, define, provide examples, support, express your opinion …
Usually there is a key question in the application. Pay special attention to this part.

A good strategy is to copy the question onto a piece of paper or onto your computer and highlight the most appropriate words: nouns, verbs, adjectives:

We share with you an example taken from the English Oxford Dictionaries page of the article “How to understand a question for an essay ” :

Assessing the risks of World War II during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The verb to evaluate is a request they make to the author.

World war, crisis, risks and Cuban missiles are nouns that stand out in a sentence on their own. They are a topic.


Select from the question the topic on which the essay will be considered.
Understand what they are asking you to develop from this question.
Analysis of the topic:

It is very likely that the topic you are about to write your essay on is a topic that you have previously seen in class or that you have read or studied on your own, which will make the process easier.

But if it’s a subject that you don’t know intimately, it’s important to inform yourself before you start writing.

Don’t know how to write a good essay without knowing the question thoroughly? Do not worry! You do not need to be an expert on the subject, but you should focus on what is most important in the question you are asked.

Remember the previous point. The topic you are going to analyze is the topic that you extracted from the analysis of the essay question.

Let’s take the example mentioned again:

The Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the topics that you will have to explore. And the emphasis you should make is to establish the risks that this situation could break out into a third world war.

Do you understand?

It is about carefully analyzing the words that make up the essay question in order to fully understand it.

Plan your investigation:

Do you have any books on this topic?

Do you regularly visit pages related to the topic of your essay?

Do you attend discussion groups?

Do you have contacts with people who can give you an idea of ​​the subject matter and, incidentally, serve as a secondary source to support your arguments for or against?

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