After saying this Chen Hongliang’s line of sight was not on her but passed by her side looking up at the door Xia Liuyi turned his head and saw Chen Xiuran and Cheng Shuyao standing at the door Chen Hongliang’s whole person from the initial indifference became a little cramped he wanted to stand up but only the body gently shook still sitting in place Just as she left that year he didn’t chase her He and Cheng Shuyao’s line of sight collided in the air and he seemed to see her smiling face through time How many years have they not seen each other Ten years Fifteen years There you are “he murmured” Cheng Shuyao however withdrew her Apparel line of sight and walked to Xia Liuyi’s side She whispered “Liuyi you go back first” Then she looked at Chen Hongliang on the opposite side “Uncle Chen and I will talk about the old days” Xia Liuyi nodded took the bag from the stool got up and went over to hold Chen Xiuran’s arm “Let’s go” “Mmm” His cold eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of frost and the moment his eyes touched her body they became soft again Chen Xiuran looked preoccupied and looked straight ahead Xia Liuyi had taken his hand and clasped his fingers She raised half of her face “Chen Xiuran” When Chen Xiuran heard this she turned her face away Her face rippled with a smile “Be happy” The street lights flickered and people gathered and scattered The yellow light scattered from the height weaving a soft net in which his face melted Xia Liuyi saw the gentleness and his smile It’s beautiful Great Chen Xiuran The author has something to say If nothing else the next chapter is over End of text Do not know what Cheng Shuyao and Chen Hongliang talked about Chen Hongliang again appeared in her and Chen Xiuran’s life Cheng Shuyao did not take the initiative to mention Xia Liuyi did not take the initiative to ask that is their story A story of the past tense Wang Zheng who hit and ran away was finally caught The crime of intentional wounding was originally 15 years in prison But Wang Zheng is crazy unlike Liu Zhenliang who pretends to be crazy she is really crazy I’m really crazy I’m driven crazy by myself Xia Xian who had not appeared since Liu Ting was released from prison took time to go to the neighborhood where she originally lived but it was empty so he had to call her At that time Xia Liuyi was at Chen Xiuran’s home tinkering with the bread machine that looked not difficult to operate When the phone rang her hands were covered with white flour and she had to shout “Chen Xiuran my phone” Chen Xiuran sitting on the sofa came over took the mobile phone from the cooking table and put it in her ear Hello sister aren’t you at home Xia Xian’s voice came Xia Liuyi’s hand froze she went to the sink to wash her hand clean felt the feeling of pulling her hair looked up and saw Chen Xiuran’s other hand playing with her hair She glared at him but Chen Xiuran did not respond She left him alone turned on the water and washed her hands The person on the other end of the phone probably didn’t hear the voice and asked China Factory “Sister where are you” Xia Liuyi took out two pieces of kitchen paper wiped the residual water droplets on his hands took the phone from Chen Xiuran’s hand and wanted to step out to the balcony but was hugged by Chen Xiuran from behind She tried to struggle but found it fruitless so she had to let him hold her I moved The man over there was a little surprised “Why” “Not all” She didn’t say anything but the people over there seemed to understand Sister I “He hesitated as if it was difficult to say” Xia Liuyi waited for him to open his mouth and after the man over there said the word “I” he never opened his mouth again Xia Liuyi sighed and looked at the flour with too much water in the bread machine “Xi’an I won’t blame you you say it” “Sister” he said sounding sad “don’t you want me” “Sian I didn’t give you up I didn’t force you to make a choice no matter what you do I won’t blame you” “Mom she wants to see you” Xia Liuyi closed his eyes Chen Xiuran close to her ears blowing breath crisp numbing some itching She struggled gently in his arms but the people behind her hugged him more and more tightly She covered the microphone not too much Jiao Chen “Don’t make trouble”
” Chen Xiuran raised his eyebrows lightly loosened his arms around her waist and Xia Liuyi took the microphone to the balcony There were thousands of lights downstairs but none of them had ever been lit for her Sian I don’t want to see her I haven’t forgiven her Never “She” Xia Xian seemed to be preparing her words “said she was wrong” Xia Liuyi interrupted what he was about to say in advance “She is very pitiful You sympathize with Textiles & Leather Products her but I can’t forgive her I don’t want to see her My feelings for her have been consumed for a long time” I don’t care if Wang Zheng is really crazy I don’t care if she really knows she’s wrong “Sian I really don’t care at all” Xia Liuyi’s heart long ago did not have those hatred in the past also did not have that difficult to suppress unwilling Her whole person is very calm calm as if Liu Ting is just a stranger to her You tell her that I will not pursue whether she encouraged Wang Zheng to bump into me but I can’t guarantee others Besides you tell her that she has already taken my life once but I just didn’t die “She” Xia Xian’s tone is full of surprise he obviously does not know this matter also has Liu Ting to add fuel to the flames He prepared a lot of words and the moment the phone was connected it went up in smoke He could not understand that his mother whom he once looked up to knelt at his feet hysterically one day and begged him to call Xia Liuyi Her face crisscrossed with tears holding her legs crying I do not want to go in you go to beg Xia Liuyi she is so good to you will listen to you Xi’an you go to beg her only you can save me He did not understand what she said and refused her with his lips pursed's job listings

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