When a person’s interests and reputation are damaged, the person will naturally want to resist and resist. Wise guild management, when they want to attack a guild that is only for the sake of interests and has no hatred, will create various public opinions through various means, so that the players in the guild can link their own interests with the interests of the guild, so that members feel that their interests and reputation have been damaged, they are just to attack each other! Once this kind of public opinion is formed, it can not only increase the cohesion and combat effectiveness of one’s own guild, but also attack the morale of the other’s guild. As long as the strength of the guild is not too bad, it is basically invincible. In addition to these reasons, creating public opinion is also necessary to establish the image of the guild. In a game with an extremely long life span, the image of the guild is very important. If the image is too bad to be rejected by neutral players, the guild will basically come to an end. Chu Li has been scruples, did not take the initiative, but also for these reasons, otherwise with the number of tens of thousands of members of the snow line, to attack the beauty paradise, beauty paradise, is certainly unable to deal with. But if Chu Li did so, I am afraid it will become the target of public criticism, in a period of time, the development of the guild, will fall into a standstill, or even retrogression! But he very not easy, hard to create public opinion, but by Xiao Hua, move hands, kill people, it is easy to untie, Chu Li see this, angry veins burst! “It was he who killed me. How could he appear in the system auction house?” Qian Chonglou is also very depressed now, but as a litigant, it is Xiao Hua who is 100% sure to kill him, but he does not understand why things have become like this. It’s a camouflage card! Chu Li coldly returned to the road. As soon as Qian Chonglou heard this, he was suddenly enlightened. Do not steal a wife to let others use the camouflage card, become similar to his appearance,warehouse storage racks, and then into the system auction house, inside, but even the identification can not be used in the absolutely safe place, in the two beautiful women’s foil, no one will pay attention to this disguised person and do not steal a wife himself what is the difference, nature is able to muddle through. I have to say, this time, he was calculated very thoroughly! Although the plan of not stealing a wife is simple, it is very clever and effective. Even if he realizes it now and goes to the forum to expose it, he is afraid that others will not believe him any more. Qian Chonglou and Chu Li thought things were almost the same, but the only thing they made a mistake was that Xiao Hua did not pretend to be a card, and that night with Piaoling and Qiuyu, it was just a false image summoned in advance. Besides, the only person who knows the truth is the boss of the cornucopia, Lao Fei! Old Fei listened to the news reported by his men, and his fat face showed a half-smile. The person who has that abnormal skill is definitely not stealing a wife. As for the other one who does not steal a wife in the system auction house, it is also easy to explain! As the person who sold the book “True False Image” to Xiao Hua, after learning what had happened, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, he soon formed a complete process of events in his mind. But Lao Fei finally just squinted his eyes, facing his closest subordinates, and did not mean to say anything more. He is a pure businessman, and the purpose of a businessman is to make a fortune in silence. Do not say superfluous words, do not do superfluous things, beauty paradise and Xiao Hua have a bright future, with his long-term vision, naturally will not say superfluous words and do redundant things. And to this day, Lao Fei still has not received any news, revealing that Xiao Hua has the skill of “real illusion”, which he can regard as his common secret with Xiao Hua! People who have common secrets are the easiest to be friends! …… …… QianChongLou was killed three times in one night, from the top of the list of Piaoxue City to the end; that night, the mysterious player who killed QianChongLou in the city, and then killed QianChongLou in the stealth, also caused controversy among many players, so the forum Piaoxue City section was lively for a whole night. This matter has even attracted the attention of many players who are not in the Snow City.
After Xiao Hua stepped on the two feet of Qianchonglou in the forum, he got off the line honestly and returned to the 13th floor of the mine to kill monsters and wash PK value. A few days ago in the underground grassland, his level soared to about 64 and a half, the level once climbed into the top ten of Piaoxue City, the top 500 of Huaxia District, but these days, it is not how to practice the level, ranking, suddenly dropped again do not know where to go. Piaoxue City is better, finally still ranked in the top 300, but the ranking of Huaxia District has long fallen out of 1000, Xiao Hua saw this, had to sigh that in the game, there are really too many level maniacs, especially after the underground relics come out, many players’experience is soaring. Although the underground ruins, caused a lot of guilds shattered, but the same, but also let a lot of players’ experience soar, the Chinese area ranking list of players, most of them are upgrading at an alarming rate. For a whole night, Xiao Hua buried himself in brushing strange things, and then the next morning, when it was almost 10 o’clock, Xiao Hua returned to the city. Today, the drugstore he has been preparing for a long time is finally going to open! This drugstore, before and after, has invested nearly 30 million gold coins. If he hadn’t made a lot of money recently, it would not be easy to open smoothly. But this more than 30 million gold coins, can not be spent in vain, a pharmacy that can sell eternal constitution, eternal intelligence, eternal agility potions and some almost exclusive ownership at the same time, Huaxia District, I am afraid this is one! In addition, the two or three hundred master potions also contain almost all kinds of commonly used potions, which can be said to be everything. Master Potions, some of which are also hard to come by and extremely useful. For example, “experience medicine” Xiao Hua identified more than 250 prescriptions, but only identified a “experience medicine”. “Experience Potion” is a very special potion, only master level, after use,heavy duty rack manufacturers, in six hours, can let the player kill monster experience increased by 5%, is a necessity for the level training madman.'s job listings

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