How Your Key Fob Can Make Your Life EasierYour key fob can do more than unlocking your car’s doors. Many fobs have additional features, such as rolling down windows or calling your car to park itself.The FB Series enclosures feature a coin cell battery holder that snaps into place. This battery can be used with key fob batteries. Key ring slots are integrated into the enclosures to make it easy to attach keys.Comfort AccessComfort Access is a favorite among mini cooper owners because it helps them with their daily driving tasks. This includes easing the process of getting in and out of their vehicle especially when carrying heavy items or have difficulty opening the door using regular keys.The key fob is a small device that uses radio-frequency identification, or RFID to unlock the car. In contrast to traditional key chains that require the driver to insert the key into a slot this system only requires the owner to approach the vehicle with the key fob in their hands. It also allows drivers to remotely open and close the trunk and also close and open the sunroof.While these features are beneficial for some drivers, they can also cause problems. There are a few things you can do to solve your comfort access system if it’s not working properly. You can also make sure that there aren’t any obstructions between your car’s sensors the window button, or door handle, and the key fob has been properly inserted into the keyhole of your car.If you are still having issues start the car again and try again. If these steps do not work, you may need to contact a mechanic to get additional assistance.Remote StartMany people have a difficult time believing that the MINI Cooper key fob actually has remote start, but it actually does. Adding this to your car will allow you to start your vehicle remotely from up to 70 meters away (or about 230 feet). Click the ‘lock button’ twice and then hold it for a few seconds to activate a remote-start.You can also roll up or down your windows and enjoy the fresh air before you step into your vehicle. Another cool feature that you can activate using the key fob is the remote mirror control. This lets you fold and unfold your wing mirrors as you would do with the switch in your car.You can also utilize the key fob to close your trunk, which can be very useful if you’ve forgotten to lock your car. You can even set different driver profiles so that you can alter the seat and mirrors position and climate settings depending on who is driving it. This way, if you’re sharing your vehicle with a companion or spouse, they will be able to experience all the conveniences of your BMW while still enjoying a private and relaxing drive.Remote Trunk CloseThe key fob of your mini cooper comes with some hidden functions that can simplify your life. One of them is the ability to remotely open or close your trunk. This is particularly useful if you have a large object in the trunk of your car, and you don’t want to lift it up or unbuckle your belt. You can also utilize the key fob to open or close your windows and sunroof when you’re in a difficult location and don’t want to get out of your vehicle to do that.The key fob can summon your vehicle, much like Tesla’s “summoning” feature. This is done by pressing the lock button on your key fob three times in a row. Then, your car will automatically take off or reverse out of an parking spot and stop wherever you have instructed it to.The first thing you need to do in the event that you lose your key fob is deactivate it. This will stop it from being used by a burglar. It’s easy to do and only takes less than a few minutes. The instructions for deactivation are available in your owner’s manual or on the website of the automaker. You can also buy a new key fob, and get it programmed at the dealer, but you’ll need your driver’s licence and proof of ownership.Remote Mirror ControlBMW is focused on providing its drivers with amenities that help them enjoy their cars more. The capability to open and close the trunk and sunroof from the key fob is one of the most common features of the new MINI Cooper. To make this work remove your key from the ignition and press the unlock button 3 times swiftly. The car will remain in accessory mode, allowing you to press the unlock button again.Remote Mirror Control is another useful feature that comes with the new MINI Cooper Key Fob. It lets you fold and unfold your wing mirrors via the key fob. This gives you more room in parking spots that are tight. The Keylab can also help you avoid the stress of having another person drive your vehicle and messing up your seat position and radio settings, or any other preferences you’ve carefully set up.If you own a brand new MINI and want to add a few extra features, consider getting your key fob digitized by BimmerTech! We can deactivate your old lost key fob so it is not used to steal information or trick the driver, and then modify it with the features you’d like. Find out more information about our keyfob coding services here!'s resumes

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