Media Callout – Tell your story

Our TV production company, based in Melbourne, is currently researching the area of baby boomers / seniors employment to assist us in a TV series we are looking at producing.

I am looking for personal stories to help demonstrate the success and also personal struggles when it comes to +50s gaining employment.

  • Have you re-trained in a new industry?
  • Are you a fish out of water, where you have been employed by a youthful company or brand specifically because of your expertise/experience?
  • Have found a new lease on life because of your new found employment?
  • Are you simply ‘bored’ in retirement and seeking work for something to do?
  • Or is going back to work after retirement an economic/personal choice?

I’m looking for a diverse range of interesting stories and takes. If you would like to get in touch to share your experiences or simply find out more, I would like to hear from you:

Email Pennie:

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