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Ford Replacement Key UKYou’ve come to the right place if you’ve lost your car keys and want to find a replacement. Auto Pro Locksmiths can repair any type of car key or fob. Our expert technicians are able to repair any damaged key such as IA and Proximity keys. You can count on us to get your car back on the road quickly and safely.Blade profile key HU101Ford automobiles are equipped with the blade profile key HU101. The key was introduced in 2004 to replace the Tibbe style. The HU101 key is much safer than the Tibbe lock, which was able to be stolen by thieves. It can still be used on most Ford models. However the Fiesta utilizes a different kind of profile key. The Fiesta’s HU162T profile key has a similar blade shape but it has a milled track through the middle. The profile key is different in depth and distance between each cut, but it is primarily due to the shape.To ensure the most optimal fit, visit your local locksmith to have your key profile cut. To install the new key shell, the key blade profile has to be cut. If ford car key replacement isn’t working it is a sign that your transponder chip was not transferred. In these instances the locksmith can repair the chip.In recent years, Ford has added more features to its keys. The first Ford model had remote locking devices attached to the keys. These remotes were equipped with two to three buttons that allowed the driver to lock and unlock their vehicle by remote without the keys.Intelligence Access (IA) keyAn Intelligence Access key (IA) lets you start your Ford car from inside the car without opening the door. This new type of key features a transmitter embedded in the plastic head. This transmitter lets you operate the vehicle’s remote starter system as well as power locks. The system also allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle from outside by pressing an electronic sensor on the door to the driver for a half second.Key to be in close proximityIf you require a replacement key for your Ford vehicle you’ve come to the right location. Lock Surgeon stocks thousands of Ford keys. We also sell Ford proximity keys and remotes. All keys can be used with your car’s key fob or lock.A Ford proximity key is an electronic key fob that is compatible with your car’s keyless entry system and ignition system. The key communicates with your vehicle using radio waves. When you are in the vicinity of your car within a certain distance the proximity key will unlock or close the doors and start the engine. You can also use the key as a spare since it doesn’t require batteries. This makes it convenient for you to use it as a spare and repair or replace it in the event that you need it.

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