How to Get Spare Car KeysYou’ve endured a long, exhausting day. You just want to put on your comfy sweats and binge watch your favorite show. Then you find your keys gone.The kind of vehicle you drive will determine whether or not you can replace your key. Simple metal keys with a switchblade or a wafer key are easy to make, while more technologically advanced keys require specialized equipment and the reprogramming.Check out Your ClothesIt is important to first examine your clothing, particularly the pockets of any jackets or sweaters you might have worn. It is likely that you will find them there, particularly in the event that they were carried around when you were trying to get your car ready. Make sure you check all pockets and empty any bags or backpacks you’ve carried around during the day. Your keys could be hidden in the bag.Similarly, you should also check in any hats or hoodies that you might have in your closet and also the inside of your coat. These places may be a little more difficult to find, but they are excellent hiding spots for your keys. If you’re having trouble finding your keys, you can always ask your trusted family member to help out by holding on to the spare set.Keep your keys in a designated spot. Hanging a key holder near the front door or having the bowl set placed on a table is simple ways to ensure you’ll always have your car keys handy.Keep in mind that there are some models of cars that do not have an electronic key, which can be more challenging to replace in the event of losing keys. It’s a good idea to keep an extra car key in your possession in case you lose yours.If you’re constantly losing your car keys, think about investing in an electronic keychain lock to keep them safe. You can also contact your local auto dealer or locksmith to request new keys. You’ll need to provide the proof of ownership (usually the registration or title) however this must be done quickly. It’s also worth noting that many newer cars have keyless entry as well as other security features that could prevent you from accidentally locking yourself out of your car.Take a look in your BagThe key is among the easiest objects to lose, especially when it’s on your person. You may want to make an extra car key when you’re at risk of misplacing your keys, or you are afraid of experiencing an auto lockout in the near future. Replacing the lost key for your car isn’t as costly or complicated as you might think.It is essential to ensure that you have a designated place to keep your keys. You’ll be able find them quickly and don’t have to contact a locksmith. The trunk, the glove box, or a secret compartment are all popular places where people keep their spare keys. Some people also hide their spare keys inside their purses or bags and purses, so make sure to verify the location before calling locksmith.You can also reduce the chance of losing spare keys by blocking the signal inside the vehicle. This will stop thieves from being able to relay and amplify the signal and stealing your car. If you’re not sure of the best way to block the signal it’s a good idea to consult your local auto dealer or locksmith for help.Put a spare key away in your vehicle. This proactive step can save you money and time in the situation of an emergency lockout. Many people are not certain of where to put their spare keys. Here are four places you can store your spare keys for your car:It’s a good idea to keep a spare car key under your vehicle because it’s secure and blends into the vehicle. This method is best for vehicles with hitch receivers, but it could be useful for vehicles with a hidden spot under the gas tank flap or in the trunk.If you’re uncomfortable the idea of storing your spare car key in your car You can store it in your home instead. Pick a location that is out of the way but is unlikely to be found by thieves. A few common ways to hide a spare key at home are to use a hidden magnetic lock box, or hiding the spare key inside the dog’s house, or even in a potted plant.Check out Your CarA spare car key is a great solution to avoid stress of getting locked out and spending money for service at an auto dealer. Keep your spare key away from your ring, case, or ring so it is less likely to be lost or stolen. If you decide to keep an additional key in your car, make sure you write the VIN number down on a piece of paper so that you can replace it if needed.Find your usual hiding spots first, like the pockets of your clothes, any bags or purses you may have, or even under the couch. You should also retrace the steps you’ve taken, because you might have lost your keys or tossed them out of your purse on your way to the door.Many people keep an additional car key in a certain location in their vehicle such as under the gas tank flap. While this can be useful however, it is an unsafe place to store a spare key. A professional thief might utilize a relay transmitter to detect the signal from your key fob, which allows them to start your car and then drive off with the key.If you’re not able to locate your car keys, your next step is to call your dealer and request an entirely new set made. The dealership will be able identify your key by its VIN and will swiftly cut a replacement. They can program the new key to ensure that it erases the old one, and if a thief discovers it they will not be able to use your vehicle.A mobile locksmith for cars will also visit you and create a new key for you. They’ll require the year and model of your vehicle, and proof that you own it (such as the copy of your registration). This is more expensive than going through your dealer, but it is significantly faster.Check out Your HomeNothing is worse than being locked out of your car. It can be a major hassle and cause stress especially if your vehicle is locked out. This is why it’s a good idea to have a spare set of keys on hand so you can return to your vehicle quickly and with no hassle.It’s ideal to keep your spare car keys on hand however this isn’t feasible for a lot of people. It’s essential to have a safe place to keep your spare keys to your car. It’s easier to locate your keys when you need them, if you have a secure place in which you can store them. This will also keep your keys secure from theft.One of the best places to keep your car keys spare in a hidden location in your home. You can keep your spare keys safe and also have them readily available whenever you need they with keys concealers. Key hiders are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. You can also purchase them online or at a local hardware store.You can also store your car keys spare in a creative place under your car. There are magnetic boxes and mini-vaults that you can purchase that make it easy to conceal an extra car key in your car. Just be sure to choose the location that isn’t visible and won’t be easily thrown over by pedestrians or your own pet.Another option is to gift your car keys that you have left to an individual who is a trusted family member. The person can keep the spare key for you and then return it to you at any time you need it. 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