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Seat Alhambra Key ProblemsSeat’s family MPV jumbo is among the best in its class when it comes to maintaining resale value. With a new model available for sale the family MPV jumbo is better.There are a myriad of reasons why the key fob might not function properly including dead coin battery or water damage, receiver module issues, or signal interference. This article will guide you through the steps necessary to fix it.Water DamageIf your seat alhambra keyfob is able to survive the wash cycle or a bath in the pool or ocean then it probably has an incredible waterproof chip, but don’t make this a habit because prolonged exposure to water increases the chance of the key fob getting damaged. If the key fob stops functioning after exposure to clean water from the tap or rain, simply take out the battery, wipe the electronic component with paper towel and allow it to dry completely before putting it back into. In case of exposure to salt or soapy water it is recommended that you clean the chip with alcohol, isopropyl or electronic cleaner prior to attempting to put the battery back in.Faulty Receiver ModuleIf the key fob will not lock or unlock after you’ve replaced the battery for the button It is possible that the receiver module has an issue. The positive side is that this is an easy and affordable fix, you can disconnect the battery for just a few minutes (first remove the negative cable and then press the horn button several times) to eliminate any remaining electrical current and then reconnect it in reverse order e.g. positive cable first, then negative cable later.ESP Warning Light – If the ESP warning light is flashing, this is normal and signifies that the vehicle is driving on terrain in which the traction between the road surface and the tyres aren’t as good, like gravel, snow or lots of surface water. If the ESP warning light continues to be flashing, it means there is a fault within the system and should be detected with a iCarsoft i908 Seat OBD Code Reader kit which will provide a precise fault description.Dead Coin BatteryOne of the most common reasons for the seat alhambra key not working is a dead coin battery. The key fob is powered by a small button-cell battery. Replace it with a brand new battery that is the same size, voltage and specifications as the original. When replacing the battery on the key fob, remove all metal clips and ensure that the contacts on the key fob are clean and corrosion-free.If the key fob was exposed to water (such as soapy tap water) it is recommended to remove and clean the chip using an electronic cleaner or isopropyl alcohol before installing a new battery. The chip could be permanently damaged by water. If the key fob is still not working after replacing the battery, it might be necessary to replace the entire key fob.Faulty Receiver ModuleIf your key fob stopped working after replacing the battery but it did not work, or if it stopped working in a sudden manner your receiver module might have experienced a malfunction. The receiver module is responsible for absorbing the radio frequency signals sent by the remote key fob and converting them into electrical commands that are then used by other modules in the car.If the receiver module is damaged it will not be able to accept any commands from your remote key fob. In this case it is necessary for a dealer to reprogramme your key fob and install an entirely new receiver.The key fob is covered with rubber to keep water from entering the electronic chip. If you immerse the key fob into salty or soapy water, it could damage the chip. You can attempt to clean the chip by applying isopropyl alcohol or electronic cleaner, however If your key fob isn’t working after this, then you’ll need to buy a new one.If the keys are in a pair but the receiver module has developed a fault you may try to restart all of the electronics on board by disconnecting the battery at 12 volts for a few minutes. Then reconnect the battery in reverse order (negative cable first, then positive). This will reset all on-board electronics and should restore their functionality.Faulty Electronic ChipThe key fob is fitted with a small chip that transmits an indication from the key to the receiver module each time the key is used. If The Keylab does not match the one that the car has stored, the immobilizer will disable and prevent the vehicle from starting. If the key fob won’t work and you aren’t able to reprogram it, it could be due to an incompatible microchip.The chip inside the key fob is not permanent to the device and could need to be replaced in order to function again. This can be done by taking the key fob away from its housing, and then using a needle or pin to touch each metal clip. You will have to replace them if they are damaged or corroded. Make sure that the replacement batteries have the same size, voltage and specification as the original.The Seat Alhambra is an attractive and well-designed model however, just like any other vehicle it may encounter issues with particular components or equipment. For instance there have been reports of owners experiencing problems with the climate control system, which may become faulty and stuck in a particular setting. The infotainment systems can also fail and cause freezing of the screens.

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