Essay on “The Golden Age of Childhood”

Humans are the most intelligent creatures on planet Earth. And we differ from animals first of all by the ability to communicate with each other by means of speech. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of words in human life. Every word carries a certain meaning. So, wishing to pay someone to write my paper say something to our interlocutor, we carefully choose from a virtual dictionary, stored in our memory, those units that most clearly reflect the existing thought.

But what is remarkable is that in different situations we may use completely different words to convey the same information. For example, we will
essays for sale communicate with friends using youth slang, and during the answer at the blackboard in the classroom we will try to speak in scientific language.

I think the ability to choose the right words when communicating with people largely determines the culture of a person’s speech. If we haven’t developed this skill, it’s very likely that people will think we’re rude and rude, and maybe they won’t even understand what it is that we want to say. Sometimes a word can hurt another person deeply by hurting their feelings. That is why it is important to buy assignment take into account not only the basic meaning of what we say, but also the nuances of meaning of each individual element of a sentence when we speak.

Russian is one of the richest languages in the world. So, on the one hand, we should be proud to speak it. But on the other hand, how difficult it is sometimes to choose the right words out of all the variety!

Luckily, at school we have native speech classes. During these lessons we just learn to talk to each other culturally and express our thoughts correctly using the words that are part of the literary Russian language.

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