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The Basic Slot SymbolsWhen you spin the slot machine’s reels and the machine spins, a variety of symbols will appear and could lead to different payouts. Understanding the basic symbols is a key initial step to becoming a skilled player.Standard reel symbols include fruit symbols (cherries grapes, lemons, grapes and watermelon) and playing card symbols (10 through ace). In addition to these standard symbols, there are bonus symbols that can trigger bonus games and significant wins.CleopatraCleopatra, queen of the ancient Egypt is a person that many are drawn. Her story is one of romance and love, sibling rivalry taken to extremes, power and politics. She has appeared in films, paintings, and coins. She was described as a tragic woman an attractive beauty who died by allowing a serpent to bite her. This simplistic depiction however, obscures her real legacy which is that she was the ruler of an independent and powerful empire.Cleopatra was the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty to rule Egypt however she was able to keep Egypt’s independence at a time when other Hellenistic states were being taken over by the Roman Empire. She was a talented poet, a mesmerizing speaker and a savvy politician. She was also a diplomat and a skilled administrator. During a food shortage she stopped grain hoarding, earning her the respect of the people.Coins depicting Cleopatra were minted in several cities and regions of the eastern Mediterranean that ranged from Alexandria in Egypt to Patras in Greece. Some depict her with Mark Antony’s portrait, with whom she shared an intense and long-lasting relationship. The details of the portraits vary from coin to coin but they are consistent with each other and suggest that the artists were observing the guidelines. Cleopatra’s intelligence and agility were known in addition to her shrewishness. She was proficient in three languages including Egyptian and Arabic, and was acquainted with a half dozen more.CherryCherry is one of the most well-known slot game symbols. It’s a scatter icon in a variety of popular online video slots and can be used to activate bonus features. Although it’s not the most lucrative symbol in a slot machine, it is still a favorite among players and has a rich background that makes it a significant part of the culture of slot machines.Originally, the symbols on the machines were cards. Charles Fey, inventor of the first slot machine created it to look like a poker machine. He utilized standard playing card symbols, ranging from 10 to Ace. Then he added bars and bells to the reels which became the standard symbols of slot machines that we know today. These classic symbols can be present in virtually every modern slot game.As technology advanced and developers were able create more complex themes for slot machines, they introduced new kinds of symbols to keep players engaged. Wild symbols are one of them. They appear randomly on the reels and can be used to create winning combinations. Slot players also love scatter symbols that trigger free spins. They can increase your chances of winning by triggering bonus games, which can result in additional spins or even a jackpot.In the early 1900s gambling machines were banned. The fruit symbols we know today are the result of this prohibition. Industry Novelty Company developed fruit-themed slots that gave out gum instead of cash to circumvent bans. The fruit symbols were a hit because they were easy to recognize and they also added a sweet touch to the machine. Cherries, lemons, watermelons and grapes were among the most popular fruit-themed slot symbols.Another iconic slot symbol is the lucky number seven that has a long-standing association with luck and prosperity in different traditions and superstitions across the globe. It’s a natural fit for slot machines, which are known to pay out huge amounts to players who hit lucky numbers on the reels. The number seven has also been a popular theme in pop culture, appearing in movies, songs and other forms.Bar & BellBells and BARS are the only casino icons that still refer to the simple beginnings of slot machines in the current age of animated graphics, 3D symbolism and themed games. When Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell slot machine went into production in 1902, it was already been illegal for machines to pay out coins. To get around this, manufacturers began to experiment with new ways to reward players. Fruit machines were first marketed as candy bars and chewing gum. The bell sound, which announced every win, remained. The BAR symbol eventually replaced these early images, and is present on many modern games.The BAR can be present in all kinds of slot machines, from classic three-reel models to five-reel, multi-line versions. Its meaning is somewhat obscure, however, as it often varies depending on the game’s theme.777The symbol 777 is a well-known image of slot machines, which represents the highest possible payout. It is also used to unlock bonus features and trigger other benefits. It’s a simple and attractive design, which makes it popular with players. The 777 slots also include symbols that are related to the theme of the game. For instance, a theme-based pirate slot could have parrot, ship anchor, ship, or treasure chest.There are a variety of slot symbols, each having their own distinct function and importance to the game. Some pay higher than others, whereas others have the same amount of money regardless of their location on the reels. Standard, Wild and Multiplier are the most common symbols that are found in slot games. Each symbol type has a unique role in a slots machine however, all help to increase the odds of forming a winning combo.Standard slot symbols are the standard symbols that anyone who has played a slot machines will recognize. They include the classic suit of cards (Diamond, Spade, Heart and Club) and the famous fruit symbols that so many people are familiar with when they think of slot machines. They typically have a lower payout than symbols that pay high like scatters and bonus symbols.Thematic reel symbols are among the most common high-paying symbols on slots. They fit in with the theme of the game. For instance, a theme like pirates game might feature high-paying symbols like a ship, parrot treasure chest, ship, and cannon. These symbols can help you win big!Wild symbols are second most frequent in slot games and function as “jokers” in the game. Rain Bet substitute for other symbols in winning combinations and can even boost the payout of the winning line they’re a part of. Some Wild symbols are also Multiplier symbols, which can increase the payout of any winning payline they appear on by 2x, 3x or 5x. The multiplier’s value varies based on the specific game played and its rules.

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