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Reasons Your Fiat 500 Key Fob Won’t WorkA key fob for Fiat 500 allows you to easily open doors and start your vehicle. However, there are many reasons why the key fob might stop functioning. This could be due to a dead battery and water damage, as well as problems with the receiver modules, and interference.This listing is for a NEW replacement Fiat Flip Key Remote – an exact replica of the Ilco brand that must be programmed professionally by a local locksmith (click here for Locksmith Search). This remote includes lock, unlock and trunk buttons.G28CarKeys is probably the most common cause of your 500 key fob not working. Modern key fobs only have a limited range of operation and must be within a few inches of your vehicle in order to function. If you’re not close to your vehicle, and you press the key fob button the car won’t respond, and will display an “Key Fob Not Detected” message in the instrument cluster.If this happens If this happens, replace the battery in the coin-cell (Part Number CR2032) with a new battery from a reputable brand such as Panasonic Duracell or Energizer. They can be found in your local hardware store or on the internet.After you’ve changed the battery on the coin cell you can test it by standing in front of your Fiat 500 and pressing the buttons. The parking lights should blink and the key fob should operate the lock and unlock switches.If the key fob won’t function after replacing the battery, it could be damaged by water, which prevents it from communicating with the receiver module in your vehicle. Water damage can occur in a number of ways, ranging from an accidental splash to submerging the fob salt water at the beach. If you believe your fob was exposed to water, put it in a rice bag to draw out the moisture. If this doesn’t work your fob is likely to need to be reset by a professional locksmith or dealer.Water DamageDamage to the water supply can occur if you immerse the fob into the ocean or wash it in a machine. Saltwater can be particularly harmful to the fob’s circuit board, causing it to short out and eventually end up dying. It’s not good to submerge the fob in water however, don’t give it up in the event that you accidentally drop it in the water or don’t remove it from your pants pocket.First remove the battery from the fob. Clean the electronic chip with isopropyl alcohol or another similar product and then dry it completely before replacing the battery. Next try the fob and see if it works. If the key still doesn’t function, it may need to be reset. This is usually handled by a dealer or professional auto locksmith.If your key is a bit older and has not been programmed for your vehicle You will need to replace it completely. A professional locksmith for automotive can complete this simple process. The locksmith needs to cut the key to match the ignition on your vehicle. They’ll also have to reprogram the fob in the system of your car. This is a quick and cost-effective procedure that can usually be completed on the next day.Receiver Module IssuesThe 500 key fob could not function because it’s out of range. The remote typically has 30 feet of range or less and if it’s far away from your car it will not respond to your commands. It can be solved by moving it closer to your vehicle until it starts responding.If you’ve replaced your coin battery (commonly known as”button” or “button” or “watch”) and your fob still won’t work, it could have an internal circuit board problem. Reprogramming the fob typically resolves this issue. You can find instructions on how to do this on the majority of automobiles by searching YouTube or reading the owner’s manual.It is possible to replace the metal retaining clips that hold the coin battery. If they loose tension it can prevent the coin battery from sitting properly and can result in the malfunction of your remote.In rare cases, the fob may become disconnected from your vehicle because of software or hardware issues. This could cause a significant issue, but you are able to usually fix it by visiting an auto locksmith to have them reprogram your fob for you. In some cases, the software may also require reinstallation to your body control modules.InterferenceInterference can also cause the key fob to not be able to receive or transmit signals. This can happen when the key fob is close to a radio transmitter (cell phones, radar detectors) or another source of electromagnetic radiation. The key fob could not function because of a problem with the buttons, water damage or damage to the internal chips.If the key fob has failed to work one day in the middle of the night, or after trying everything you can do at home to solve it e.g. You could have a malfunctioning 500 receiver module after you’ve tried replacing the battery, reprogramming, or using an alternative key fob. The receiver module, which is located under the dashboard, picks up radio frequency signals from your key fob. It then converts them into electronic commands that the vehicle interprets.There’s a simple method to reset the 500’s internal system including the keyfob. Disconnect the battery for 15 minutes by taking off first the negative cable, then the positive cable. Then reconnect the battery. This will remove any remaining electric current, and also restart the computer of your car. This could help you get your key fob to function again. If the problem persists you should seek out an expert technician. They will be able to determine the root cause of any issues.

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